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"Explore The Last Empire: a faithful virtual representation of the renowned nightclub that made history in Airasca, Piemonte from 1992 to 2010. This project allows you to relive the unique experience of the club through a detailed and accurate reproduction of its original appearance and distinctive atmosphere. An opportunity for all nightlife enthusiasts to explore the rich history of the club, which left an indelible mark on the European music and entertainment scene."



Allow me to introduce my virtual project of the Genoa Lighthouse, inspired by the iconic beacon that overlooks the city's harbor. This three-dimensional creation has been made using the most advanced technology at my disposal, although I acknowledge that it may not be an exact reproduction of the monument. Nevertheless, I have worked with great care to capture the essence of the Genoa Lighthouse, creating a recognizable and evocative interpretation. This virtual creation of mine serves as a tribute to one of the city's most iconic symbols, and I hope it can be appreciated by visitors from around the world.




In this video, you can see an aquarium with fish, plants, rocks, and bubbles, illuminated and colored. You can admire the various species of fish and plants present and take a virtual walk through the aquarium habitats. The bubbles create a fascinating and relaxing effect, while the rocks add a natural touch to the underwater environment. The video will offer you an immersive and engaging experience of the virtual aquarium.